The First Day!

We arrived at the port of Korissia, Kea early morning to meet up with Kostis, a local farmer whom we’re buying products from.

He along with his wife Marcie, owns Red Tractor Farm where they produce organic products of wine, condiments and their farms’ speciality, acorn cookies! Kostis drove us around the island, visiting his farm, the oak forest and exploring Loulis, the island’s capital which is situated high inland for the fear of pirates. The picturesque town is filled with friendly locals whose are more than happy to share their culture and customs with us. Weary and very hungry, we ate dinner at one of Kostis’ friends restaurant who delight us with his local cuisines and charm. For the night we head all the way up on the hilly terrain where we stayed at his mother’s house and watch the sun slowly set before calling it a day.


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