Mykonos to Ikaria, Something Cool is Brewing


We had the pleasure of a brewery tour of Mykonos Brewing Company where Angelos, Janos and Yanis are brewing up some delicious beer. Please check out our post on Instagram for more information at:

And an update from the Captain:

With time in port, I visited Mykonos’ little archaeological museum.  A temporary exposition of ancient to contemporary jewelry named ‘Vanity’ was exquisite. If you keep your head up, traditional architecture along the little paved streets of Mykonos town was there to enjoy .

By 18.30 the north wind died down as I sailed past the port entrance lights. In medium winds, a local wind eddy canceled the north wind in the bay out of the port. Finally I past by sunset the sacred island of Delos and turned around the southwest cape aiming to anchor close to the south east tip for an early start the next morning to Ikaria. The katabatic winds played again all sorts of games.  They came from separate valleys where they blew hard and I could sail fast; in between, they met and cancelled each other.

This morning I made sure I sailed as far as possible from the hill of Profiti Ilia to avoid its katabatic winds.  I used their tail end to sail faster. In the open Aegean sailing conditions were ideal. (North wind 3 to 4 Beaufort),  mini waves and great speed with the tiller tied in position so I can write and take pictures of Ikaria. Tonight I slept in one of the northern ports.


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