Update from the First Mate in Samos

https://www.polartrec.com/files/members/355/39687/images/figure2v_en.jpgSource: Environment Canada,
Met 101: National Marine
Weather Guide
The cargo sloop Pelago had ideal sailing conditions on Sunday from Ikaria to Samos, a five hour romp.
We anchored off a nice beach and swam off the boat. That night the katabatic winds started and pushed us out to sea a few dozen meters. The next morning after a swim we sailed through stronger katabatic winds to Ormos, a small port. Valia and Dafni met up with us and loaded the olive oil soap on the Pelago.

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Today we toured the nearby soap factory, and back at the vessel Dafni did a great video interview with Capt. Loucas.
Valia went through the cargo, sticking STN’s “Sail transported” labels on the packages and bottles,  and she prepared boxes for island shops based on their stated interests. It was a good day, especially when I got two swims at the adjacent beach.
 – Jan Lundberg

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