A Demonstration with Donkeys

We finished our island deliveries on Kea at Aristaios’ local shop, with products from Samos, Ikaria, Mykonos and Andros. While walking along the mountain road to the shop, we also had the privilege to visit a small donkey refuge.

Eva, who established the refuge, explained to us how donkeys, which can help carry products if properly cared for, have often been neglected or misused.

Eva gave us a nice lesson on how to care for the donkeys. They  also have a certain carrying capacity. One of her donkeys showed us, while carrying Aegean Cargo Sailing products, how he can be respected and utilized in the right way.

Aristaois‘ shop is beautifully designed. If you go there hungry you will leave like we did – with our bags full. We spent much time resting from the trek up the long mountain road with the products, toasting to a sweet refreshing liquor that he makes, and learning about many amazing products derived from Kea’s special island elements.








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