Alas, Our Voyage Comes to an End.


Our journey may be over, but we are just getting started. Planning for the future is imminent. But first, we must spend time to reflect over the successes and areas where we have room for improvement. This takes thoughtful reflection and collaboration with our partners and feedback from our team of how to make this bigger and better next year.

I have really enjoyed being a part of the SAIL MED team and I hope to be able to come back and do this again with my awesome crew. I can never forget the experiences and memories that I have gained here in Greece with friendships that will hopefully last a lifetime.

We cannot change that which is immovable, but maybe we can maneuver around it to find new ways to grow. The meaning behind this is that sometimes it is better to think outside of the box to realize it may just be a relic of the past that needs to be admired from afar.

Thank you for following the journey. This is just the beginning.


Jessica and the SAIL MED team


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