SAIL MED is seeking to change the face of global cargo transportation and passenger travel by introducing sail powered cargo transportation. We are a part of the Sail Transport Network (www.sailtransportnetwork.org).

SAIL MED offers a forward-thinking solution in the global effort to reduce shipping pollution and protect our seas. Transport by sail represents a truly clean future for shipping, free from a dependence on fossil fuels.

We are working towards a “Blue Economy”, which strives to find sustainable solutions based upon cleaner technologies and business practices, for transporting local products across our seas by the use of wind energy.

SAIL MED aims to create wind energy transport networks for sustainable distribution of food, products, raw materials and resources. We will focus on local products being grown via small scale, healthy and efficient systems, aiming to facilitate efficient, transparent distribution networks across our seas for more local products.

SAIL MED Mission:

SAIL MED aims to advance the use of wind energy (sails) in cargo transport and passenger travel around the world, by linking together experts, industry stakeholders, researchers and all other interested parties who can effect change and advance our mission.

SAIL MED, through the promotion and use of sail transport, also aims to enhance economic development, food security, health, environmental conservation and education and to sail toward a sustainable Blue Economy that is free from a dependency on the world’s rapidly depleting and heavily polluting fossil fuels.

Achieving Our Mission:

SAIL MED will focus first on Europe for partnership and collaboration building, while opening our resources and networks, friends and sponsorships worldwide. SAIL MED will pilot cargo sail transport projects in the Mediterranean region, starting in the summer of 2014.

SAIL MED is also seeking partners to submit an EU-based funding grant to link partners across Europe in sail transport related endeavors.