update from the Captain…

Yesterday evening Karystos was warm,  beautiful and full of culture.  I had the chance to see the post and made it to the book presentation of “The Red Seashell” that turned  out to be a first class cultural event with live music poetry debate under the night sky in the old port fortress called the Bourtzi. (Pictures in this post are of the fortress  by day time and the night event scene plus the bougainvillea house just across the street.)

This morning the clouds started showing on the Oxi mountain north of Karystos. We waited for the wind to start at mid day but it was capricious as usual.  Nothing getting out of the Port. Then little breeze blowing on and off in all directions. Then a nice little wind took us to tip of Kafireas cape and true to its reputation it blasted us with the north wind with no warning.  By now the clouds hid half the mountain and we had our 5 baufor to blow us swiftly while shaking and drenching us across to Andros in just three hours. The sky is covered,  the wind blows hard on our anchoring spot, the ferries come and go and a war boat is sheltering close by.  Tomorrow we will load up Andros. products.

– Loucas Gourtsoyannis

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