The Excellent, and Admirable

Agasto in Greek means: excellent; the admirable

And I realized that the excellent and the admirable are the Greek island producers. They sail against the odds (and defy the Greek crisis) to craft amazing, healthy products for  searching souls like us who love to taste and experience what’s truly local.


This morning we delivered an awesome package of sail transported products to a shop in Armenistis, Ikaria. The package included ‘Agasto’ olive oil and soaps from Samos; wine and a pasta made of acorns (that’s right, acorns!) from Kea; craft beer from Mykonos; special honey from Andros; biologic oils from Tinos; and more scrumptious surprises.

We transformed a little corner of the shop into a sail transported display of Greek islands gastronomic greatness!


And yesterday, having a bit of downtime, Jessica and I made use of another type of clean energy power on Ikaria – HORSES!

horseriding copy

– Hugs Ahoy from Ikaria, Charlene




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